Apr 05

Get To Know Your Instructor: Emily Thompson

Indie ShopographyOnline brand guru Emily Thompson will be at The Writing Barn on May21st, teaching her Indie Shopography workshop.

On the day, Emily will teach entreprenaurs how to get their business online and promote themselves for big growth.

We asked Emily five quick questions about herself and the class.

WB: Tell us about yourself and how you came to be teaching this class?

ET: I’m a web designer and developer that specializes in getting small creative businesses online. Indie Shopography, my ecourse and workshop, stemmed from my own need to have web design clients be more informed about the task they were tacking in taking their small creative businesses online. It grew into a way to help more microbusinesses become more aware of their business’ online presence, whether they hire me for design projects or not.

Now I’ve teamed with Kathleen from Braid Creative to offer a workshop that both helps creative business owners uncover their brand and teaches the nuts and bolts of setting up a website. It’s a 1- or 2-day business overhaul!

WB: What are the top 3 things you love best about your workshop?

ET: Uncovering your brand, because Braid Creative has a genius method.

Discovering the basic needs of your website, because it’s basic, and easy, but usually forgotten.

How to hire a designer, because most people find this scary and intimidating, and something both Braid Creative and I can collaborate on.

WB: Who would benefit most by taking your class and why?

ET: Our workshop is geared mostly to small creative business owners, usually microbusinesses with 1-3 employees, who need help branding their business and setting up an online shop.

WB: Do you prefer sweet or sour?

ET: Sweet. All day, every day.

WB: List in order of importance: Play, Work, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Sleep.

ET: Sleep, Chocolate, Work, Play, Tea, Coffee.

Find out more about Indie Shopography on The Writing Barn April events page, and register here.


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