2013 Advanced Writing Workshops Application

Workshop Goal: for dedicated and productive writers to continue to study craft, read and analyze current books, have in-depth conversation and critique with top publishing professionals, and to come away from the intensives with new insights and renewed inspiration.

The 2013 Season:

Jan. 18-20: Worlds Without End: Deconstructing Classic Characters in Children’s Books, led by Alexandra Penfold, Editor Paula Wiseman Books

April 19-21: Little Turnings: Examining Emotional Pacing, led Sara Zarr, National Book Award nominee
Nov. 8-10: Diving Deeply: Thoughts, Gestures and Dialogue, led Francisco X. Stork, award-winning author of Marcelo in the Real World

Cost for one workshop is $375. If applying for and accepted to more than one workshop, each workshop is discounted to $300. Payment is not due until you have been notified of your acceptance.

Before applying, prepare a five-page sample of your work to attach to your submission. Prepare your sample to this format:

  • Double-spaced Times New Roman 12pt
  • Name and page number in header of each page, i.e. Smith/Great Story/20
  • Use wide margins, at least 1 inch all around the text
  • Standard indentations

Application deadline for Alexandra Penfold is Dec. 15th, 2012, for Sara Zarr, February 15th, 2013, and for Francisco X. Stork, September  1st, 2013.

If accepted, participants will be asked to send 12-15 pages of their work using the above formatting for the workshop.

Please fill out the form below and attach your correctly formatted five-page writing sample. You will receive an email after we have received your application. If you do not get an email from us within 24 hours, please send us an email for confirmation. Thank you. We will be in touch soon.

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Characters with Alexandra PenfoldEmotional Pacing with Sara ZarrDiving Deeply with Francisco X. Stork

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