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Dec 22

Rejecting Rejection with Jen White

This week’s Rejecting Rejection with Jen White is all about figuring out what to do with our so-called “Black-Dogs”. White reminds us that even though you might be a writer, writing is never easy. Happy Monday from The Writing Barn!! Have a good week everyone.  How to Make Friends with your Black Dog By Jen …

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Dec 15

Rejecting Rejection with Elizabeth White

This week’s Rejecting Rejection is a unique piece that brings a new light to the art of writing. Elizabeth White-Olsen shares her two passions with us, in this enlightening piece about Birds and Words. Whether you believe it or not, the two have a lot in common. Read Olsen’s piece to find out how. Birds …

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Dec 08

Rejecting Rejection with Holly Green

Monday at The Writing Barn, and it’s a cold one. But that’s okay, because we have a new rejecting rejection piece to read while snuggled up by a fire with a cup of coffee. This week’s Rejecting Rejecting with author Holly Green helps us remember that sometimes the most motivating and inspiring aspects of writing …

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Dec 02

Rejecting Rejection with author Carmen Oliver

It’s the beginning of another week, and hopefully everyone is recouping from a food filled Thanksgiving. As we start work and school after the holidays, it’s always nice to be greeted with some inspiring words of wisdom to help us through the busy week. This week’s inspiring Rejecting Rejection comes to us from author, Carmen …

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Nov 24

Rejecting Rejection with Donna Janell Bowman

In this week’s Rejecting Rejection, author Donna Janell Bowman reminds us that rejection is just an investment in our own success. Each one gets us that much closer to achieving our goals. Happy Monday from everyone here at The Writing Barn!   Ya Gotta Pay Your Dues  by Donna Janell Bowman The dreaded R-word! As …

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Sep 01

Rejecting Rejection with Lindsey Lane

It’s Labor Day Monday here at The Writing Barn. For those of you lucky enough to have the day off, and for those of you who are back at work looking for a well needed distraction, check out young adult author Lindsey Lane’s Rejecting Rejection Post. This one will definitely give you that extra push …

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Jun 30

Rejecting Rejection with author Janet Fox

In this Monday’s Rejecting Rejection, award-winning author Janet Fox describes her journey up the ladder to a successful writing career, and how the best way to deal with rejection is to use it in whichever way gets you one step further up that ladder. Using Rejection as a Rung in Your Ladder to Success by Janet …

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Jun 10

Book Buzz: Interview with Austin Kleon

by Gardiner Brown A couple of weeks ago, while perusing Book People (greatest local book store in the state of Texas), I came across a book of blackout poems: Newspaper Blackout by Austin Kleon. Now, the blackout poem is a form of poetry wherein the writer takes an already written text (like a newspaper) and …

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Apr 29

Interview with Sonya Feher of “Room to Write”

space 1

This week, The Writing Barn sat down with author and professional organizer Sonya Feher as she discussed her writing background, how she came upon a career in organizing, her preference for wine, and her upcoming class at The Writing Barn entitled Room to Write: Creating Room for Writing in your Space, Time, and Mind. Read …

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Apr 22

Rejecting Rejection with Shellie Faught


In this week’s Rejecting Rejection, YA writer Shellie Faught shares her story about rejection coming from one of the most important places in your life: your family. Read on to see how Faught not only dealt with that rejection, but was able to find her voice in her writing because of it. Accept Yourself and …

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