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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Times: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Jacqui Lipton

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Can I quote song lyrics in my novel? Am I allowed to write about real people? How do I prevent someone from stealing my idea or my story? What is fair use and how does it apply to my work? Do I have to register my manuscript or artwork at the Copyright Office to be protected? What can I put on my website and social media and when do I need to seek permission? What’s the difference between the public domain and the creative commons?

Legal issues are becoming increasingly relevant for authors and illustrators, particularly those who self-publish without the benefit of an agent or attorney. The most common legal issues that impact these creators in the publishing industry are copyright, contract, and, to some extent, trademark, defamation and privacy law. This 2 hour workshop provides an introduction for both self-publishing and traditionally published authors and artists to basic legal issues they may confront when creating, submitting and marketing their work. It also explains what legal situations authors and illustrators can most easily handle on their own and when it would be useful to consult an agent or attorney, as well as provide some resources for where to find accessible and affordable legal assistance.

This class will provide new energy, accountability, and fresh ideas to help you take on 2018 and become your best creative self!

Who should register for this class:
  • Writers of all forms of fiction and nonfiction including freelance writers and journalists
  • Writers who have self-published, or are considering self-publishing their work
  • Writers who maintain blogs and social media accounts
  • Writers of all genres and skill levels, with new projects or finished drafts
  • Writers considering, or in the process of, submitting their work to agents and editors


Jacqui Lipton is a law professor and the director of Authography LLC – a company dedicated to assisting writers and other creative artists with their legal and business concerns. She blogs regularly on these issues and has been retained as a legal issues columnist for the Savvy Authors blog, the Luna Station Quarterly blog, and the SCBWI Bulletin. She has published over half a dozen academic books and many articles on legal issues in the digital age with an emphasis on intellectual property, privacy, defamation, and freedom of expression.

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