Words & Wine with Homemaking at the End of the World!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Times: 7:30-9:00PM

Homemaking at the End of the World Blogging Community

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Join us September 27th at The Writing Barn from 7:30 PM-9:00 PM for another great Words and Wine Wednesday, featuring the characters from Homemaking at the End of the World.

Do you find yourself staring out at the smoldering wreckage of society and you have nothing cute to wear? Meet the characters from your FAVORITE post-apocalyptic lifestyle blog at The Writing Barn! Enjoy free wine and cheese and an informal Q&A with the artists, fashion experts, and lifestyle gurus you’ve come to know and love online.

We’ll be raffling off Homemaking swag to Facebook and Instagram followers who like and comment on at least one post starting on August 15. All you have to do is follow either page, like and comment on a post, and you’ll be entered in the raffle for some seriously great stuff!

Praise for Homemaking at the End of the World

“So happy you are here! Once we make it through the apocalypse, we’re all going to need your help to look our best!” -Joyce Swango Guerrero, Homemaking Superfan

“SUPERB! Hashtag and follow #fashionconnery to be repost in our gallery!” -Fashion Connery, Instagram Aggregator

“I have a cousin named Blue.” -Andi Roberts, Child Development Expert

“Is this real?” -Greg Mast, Urban Gardener



Blue (formerly known as Horse Teeth) is a fashion blogger and cosmetics consultant living in the village of Amber.

Blue’s mission is to help fellow beauty-lovers find their joy and preserve their radiance, even when the ever-present acorn haze gets you down! Follow her for tips on all-natural approaches to skin care and makeup. Blue’s cosmetics line is now sold by appointment only, as her trading shack was burned down by angry villagers.

Charli is Homemaking’s resident #VanLife expert. Following a recent move to the Village of Amber–in an effort to live more simply and authentically–Charli has built her own following of VanLifers and considers herself to be a fashion/spiritual/lifestyle guide for the acorn farmers of Amber.

Helmi and Caudrey are Homemaking’s resident parenting experts. After channeling the meridians to combat the birth desert in the Mandy Valley, Helmi gathered a group of dedicated followers in the community of Apogamy. Caudrey soon joined as a self-titled assistant to Helmi and is thrilled to learn from this expert in her field.

Randy claims he is Helmi’s son and is not welcome at Apogamy!

Please report any sightings via village messenger boy to Helmi at Apogamy, Top of the Pasture Road, Left of the Oil Tanks.