Porchlight: Episode Seven with Evan Turk

Episode Seven Evan Turk

evanturkheadshotEvan phones in from Queens to chat with his friend and collaborator Bethany Hegedus. Evan is the illustrator of two picture books authored by Bethany, Grandfather Gandhi and Be The Change: A Grandfather Gandhi Story, which was recently released. He is also the author/illustrator of The Storyteller, published last June.

Hang out with Bethany and Evan on the porch and listen as they discuss Evan’s first project, Grandfather Gandhi, and how his illustration approach, materials, and methods accentuate a book’s contents. You’ll hear about the forthcoming book about Muddy Waters by Michael Mahin, illustrated by Evan, and Evan’s research process for biography projects. Bethany and Evan discuss the fact that biography picture books don’t have to tell the character’s entire life story but instead can illuminate their emotional life. The two reflect on their school visits to promote their Gandhi books and share some fun anecdotes (because kids say the darndest things).

Listen to find out how illustrating someone else’s writing differs from illustrating your own writing, as well as why Evan keeps a cupful of pencil nubs. You can’t help leaving the porch with a better appreciation for illustration and a desire to draw something.

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