The Porchlight: Episode Sixteen with Sheryl Scarborough

Disclaimer: This episode contains some distracting paper shuffling. Nothing too jarring. We wouldn’t be serious writers without some paper shuffling every once in a while anyway. Thanks!

Sheryl Scarborough, author of debut novel To Catch A Killer and forthcoming sequel To Right a Wrong (February 2018) by Tor Teen. Sheryl is award-winning writer for children’s television and holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, lives in Washington state, and has always had an obsession with forensics.

In this Porchlight conversation Bethany and Sheryl talk about looking at the “why” of their writing and how that adds depth to the work. They discuss how the writer might not immediately see their personal connection to their story, but they can find power in connecting the emotionality between themselves and the work itself. Sheryl talks about the differences between writing for television and writing books and how the three act structure is paramount. She explains how “structure creates your pace” and how “the genre chooses the writer”. She shares the support in her writing community and what can be learned from reviews.

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Show Notes:

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