The Porchlight: Episode Thirteen with Jason Gallaher

Episode Thirteen features Jason Gallaher, author of Whobert Whover, Owl Detective, Margaret K. McElderry Books, July 2017. Jason’s debut picture book solves the mystery of what happened to Perry the Possum. Whobert Whover, Owl Detective, is on the case to keep his woods safe in this hilarious who-who-dun-it. Jason Gallaher is a children’s book writer who fell in love with detective work while watching episodes of Blue’s Clues. He solved the mystery of what to do when he grew up and became an author when he learned being a merman is impossible (at least for now). Jason lives in Austin, Texas, with his Pomeranian, Pom Brokaw, who is a super sleuth when it comes to finding treats.
In our Porchlight conversation, we discuss not only how Whobert Whover leaped from idea to published book, but also how Jason leaped from awkward jobs, to behind the scenes publishing, to writer, to published author. “If you’re doubting yourself, sometimes you’re the person who’s standing in the way.” Jason shares what he’s currently working on, including his spectacular merman videos, a Whobert story kit, and how he connects with everyone whether on social media or school visits.  “I’m just a person and you’re just a person so let’s connect on our humanity together.”