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Sep 09

Rejecting Rejection: The Resurrection of Johnny Cash, with author Greg Neri

We kicked off 2014 with Bethany Hegedus (owner and creative director of The Writing Barn, author) with her 10+ year journey to seeing Grandfather Gandhi published. Today we welcome Greg Neri, author of hard-hitting novels Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside Shorty, Surf Mules, Chess Rumble and more with the story behind the story …

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Jun 19

Book Buzz: Beach Reads for the Summer Season

by Jessica Hincapie As someone who grew up in South Florida, the word “summer” brings with it specific images of mosquitoes, heavy rains, and of course… the beach. Despite the rainy days, my friends and I always managed to find time to pack up the car and go to the beach. Everyone has their own …

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Jun 16

Rejecting Rejection with writer and artist Sue Cleveland

Another Monday means another personal story of overcoming rejection. This week, The Writing Barn welcomes middle grade author Sue Cleveland, who paints us a delightfully vivid, metaphorical interpretation of the writing process. The Pausing Place by Sue Cleveland The Pausing Place: a yawning canyon I come to in that time and space after I have completed …

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Jun 09

Rejecting Rejection with author Joe Lunievicz

Hey y’all; it’s another Monday, and despite it being summer, there is no shame in having the Monday blues. If you want to read something fun and inspiring, check out this week’s Rejecting Rejection post with author Joe Lunievicz as he gives us a uniquely creative perspective on rejection in the writing world. A Full Canteen and …

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Jun 04

Book Buzz: Review of All the Light We Cannot See

Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See by Jessica Weems Okay, so I did the thing you are never supposed to do. I judged a book by its cover, fell in love with the title, and bought the first book I saw in Barnes & Noble. Sue me. To start, “All the Light We …

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Jun 02

Rejecting Rejection with author Lindsey Schiebe

The first Monday in June is here! June! We are halfway through the year which means we have shared 6 months (5 to be exact since this is the beginning of June) of writers sharing with us how they reject rejection.  Some are touching, some make us laugh (hello to Deborah Underwood’s Writer Serenity Prayer) …

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May 05

The Great Greene Heist Challenge

The Writing Barn, owned by author Bethany Hegedus, believes in diverse books. We buy them. We teach with them. We invite diverse writers to speak and teach on craft topics that affect all writers and showcase diverse talents as the talents they are. We would be honored to offer a weekend, 3 day/2 night writing retreat for two …

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Mar 27

Jeff Crosby’s “Rockabilly Goats Gruff” Release Party

Last Saturday, the Barn turned to into the Shimmy Shack for the release of Jeff Crosby’s new children’s book, The Rockabilly Goats Gruff! The release turned an overcast weekend afternoon into a kid-friendly, extremely rockabilly event. Jeff read his book to kids, adults and everywhere in between–with live accompaniment from local rockabilly band Ruby Dee and …

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Feb 24

Rejecting Rejection with author Betsy Franco

We hope writers look forward to Mondays with us at The Writing Barn. We enjoy sharing them with you. Today novelist, actress, poet, anthologist, mom (to three handsome sons, including actor James Franco), Betsy Franco joins us sharing her tale of publishing perseverance.  Welcome, Betsy. Rejection is My Middle Name (but that’s okay) by Betsy …

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Feb 03

Rejecting Rejection with author Linden McNeilly

It’s our 5th installment of our yearly blog series on Rejecting Rejection: How to Say Yes to Yourself When the World Says No. Winter has been bleak this year–no matter where you live, so today we offer more Monday inspiration, not only to get us to the page, but to get our “exceptional stories” out …

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